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By creating The Taste Club, our goal was to establish a catering service that champions craftmanship  and seasonal,  quality produce.

Our mission? To give purpose to the catering profession by showcasing artisans and chefs whom we consider true artists. Through our service, we aim to shine a spotlight on their talents. We have transformed our passion for gastronomy into a genuine way of life. Continuously exploring the streets of Paris, we seek out the latest culinary gems. Our buffets are in constant evolution, reflecting our latest discoveries and personal favorites.



As someone passionate about both gastronomy and sports, I constantly find myself balancing the intake and expenditure of calories. I’m always on the lookout for the latest culinary destinations to explore, and my hunting ground in Paris primarily encompasses several districts in the east of the city. Being an avid traveler, I never leave a country without indulging in its finest specialties.

Fun fact : As the granddaughter of a baker, the scent of golden brioche has always been a constant companion to me!



Uncovering the impossible is clearly my favorite game, much to the stress of my team, as the word « no » does not exist in my vocabulary. With a passion for gastronomy, the principle of my vacations is simple: to seek out the best dining experiences! My choice of destinations revolves around restaurants that elevate the essence of a city. Yes, even Le Havre is worth exploring, with its very own 2-star restaurant.

Fun fact : When I was young, I used to love dipping BN biscuits in Coca-Cola! Rest assured, I have come a long way since then, refining my tastes and preferences!


The Taste Club boasts a dedicated team of around twenty members, always ready to cater to your every need.


Head of Procurement and Operations

Anne-Lise is the Swiss army knife of The Taste Club. No matter the problem, she will find THE solution. With a passion for cooking, she is even preparing to pursue a professional culinary degree to fully indulge in her love for the culinary arts. As a true bon vivant, she doesn’t shy away from the occasional yoga session or cycling to compensate for her love of food. After all, we did say « move more, eat more, » right?

Fun fact : Anne-Lise fearlessly indulges in raclette as early as August !


Production Manager

From his diverse background, Paul has acquired numerous skills and a great versatility. This Chartres native has a passion for wine, slightly questionable jokes, and raising his voice to get people’s attention. However, he excels in building relationships and is often one of the first ones in the office, ensuring that your events run smoothly.

Fun fact : Being originally from Chartres, he wouldn’t miss the Paulée for anything—an annual gathering of all the Loire Valley winemakers !


Event project manager

Passionate about food, Marie responds to her clients’ requests with her quick responsiveness and attentive nature. She enjoys offering them personalized menus that showcase her favorite artisanal choices. Always on the lookout for the latest culinary addresses, she never misses an opportunity to try new ones. Marie’s gentle demeanor will make you forget your daily worries.

Fun fact : When she’s not in the office, she smashes it on the volleyball courts!

marie B

Event project manager

Marie’s love affair with gastronomy began early, leading her naturally towards pursuing studies in this field. And then, it happened: she found her true calling when she joined Taste, and now she can’t imagine being anywhere else. With unwavering passion, she dedicates herself to crafting enticing menus for her clients, ensuring that every detail is meticulously taken care of.

Fun fact : As a child, she used to participate in milking cows before enjoying bottles of warm milk straight from the udder.


Event project manager

Alexandre is always full of goodwill and enjoys building long-lasting relationships with his clients. That’s why he finds it easy to establish a friendly rapport. His enthusiasm for all things delicious is undeniable, and he knows how to leverage it to create menus that reflect your preferences. His guilty pleasure ? Soft-boiled eggs, because sometimes the best things in life are the simplest !

Fun fact : His spirit animal ? The whelk. Feel free to ask him why !

Indulge in a tantalizing gourmet experience with us.


(+33) 1 76 46 11 36


(+33) 1 76 46 11 36